Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins in a radio interview on Monday said the Working Families Party is making a “silly argument” to suggest vote for Gov. Andrew Cuomo on their ballot line will send a message.

“It’s a silly argument,” Hawkins said. “You’re still voting for Cuomo. You open that wrapper of the Working families line, it’s the same old Cuomo in the box.”

The labor-backed party is at odds with Cuomo in recent days over his comments about public education being a “monopoly” and his vows to strengthen charter schools in his second term.

The governor is also pushing for votes for himself on the newly formed Women’s Equality Party, with an eye toward making the party a permanent ballot line.

The push for the WEP is concerning to the WFP, given that it could siphon liberal votes away from the ballot line, thus endangering their position at Row D.

Cuomo has said it’s “tortured analysis” to suggest he’s trying to damage the Working Families Party even as he decried “fringe” ballot lines in general.

The WFP, in turn, has called on voters to back the governor as a way to send him a “message” on Tuesday of their support for a variety of liberal causes.

Hawkins, of course, is no disinterested observer. He wants the Green Party to keep not only its ballot status, but potentially even poll in double digits for the first time in a gubernatorial contest.