As Latino lawmakers gather in Puerto Rico for the annual Somos conference, a group of elected officials have signed on to a letter expressing concern with Airbnb’s co-sponsorship of a cocktail reception.

The reception this evening is being put together by City & State, which listed the online apartment-sharing service as a sponsor of the event.

Airbnb has come under fire from elected officials and affordable housing advocates in New York, who say the company is helping operate illegal hotels and potentially driving up the cost of housing throughout the city.

In a letter to City & State CEO Tom Allon, Sen. Adriano Espaillat, the chairman of the Senate Latino Conference, called for Airbnb to be dropped as a sponsor of the event.

“We take very seriously the groups and sponsors that are affiliated with our conference., and strive to ensure that all of the conference’s affiliates and sponsors share our values,” Espaillat writes in the letter. “That is why we were deeply troubled to learn that Airbnb was allowed to sponsor the Road to SOMOS Kickoff Cocktail Reception at El Museo de San Juan on November 6.”

Singing on to the letter was Sen. Jose Peralta, Assemblyman Francisco Moya, Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez and Councilman Antonio Reynoso.

“Though Airbnb didn’t create the affordable housing crisis, its role in incentivizing people to convert their homes into hotels has made the problem much worse across the City, and particularly in the communities we represent,” Espaillat writes. “That is why we respectfully ask that you immediately drop Airbnb as a sponsor of the Road to SOMOS Kickoff Cocktail Reception. A company that so blatantly violates state law and has so little regard for affordable housing has no place at this conference that celebrates the great diversity of our state.”

Airbnb has come under scrutiny in part due to the potential competition it poses to the hotel industry and the Hotel Trades Council, a powerful and politically active union in New York politics.

City and State Publisher Andrew Holt responded to the letter, saying the sponsorship from Airbnb at the conference has no impact on its business or editorial decisions.

“Both the business and the editorial side of City & State will continue to neither fear nor favor any person or interest,” he wrote in an email. “We are proud of the unprecedented level of coverage we have devoted to this year’s fall SOMOS conference. Senator Espaillat is welcome to voice his opinion in the Letters to the Editor section of our magazine, or to submit an op-ed as part of our Road to SOMOS series, as we have already offered him to do, and Governor Cuomo, Attorney General Schneiderman and so many other leading officials have already done.”

Airbnb declined to comment through a spokesman.

11.05.14 SomosAirbnbLetter by Nick Reisman