Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos on Monday raised the issue of giving state lawmakers their first pay hike in more than a decade.

Meanwhile, there is a “consensus” among the Republicans in the Senate that some sort of an alliance be kept with the five-member Independent Democratic Conference.

Skelos, who met privately with his conference members in Albany, was re-elected leader of the GOP conference, which will have a majority come Jan. 1.

The Nassau County Republican said any effort to raise the base $79,500 has not been negotiated with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“The pay raise was mentioned by me — not that there are any discussions that are going on with the executive branch,” Skelos said. “But I did mention that was one of the issues that was out there.”

Any pay raise would likely have to done in a special session of the current Legislature and before incoming lawmakers take their seats, Skelos said.

He added that a pay increase could be tied to changing how lawmaker per diems are allocated as well as increasing the salaries for members of Cuomo’s cabinet.

Historically, pay raises have been tied to salary increases for members of the state judiciary. However, that linkage was broken a new judicial salary commission was created.

As for the IDC, Skelos said he plans to have conversations with Klein over what the conference’s role will be in the new legislative session.

The IDC and the Senate Republicans jointly held power in the Senate over the last two years. But with Republicans now in a clear majority, it’s unlikely Klein will retain the power of jointly deciding on which bills come to the floor for a vote.

Skelos also did not firmly close the door on another minimum wage increase, though he reiterated his opposition to indexing increases to inflation and allowing local governments to raise it on their own. He added the current law is increasing the minimum wage in stages, which ends at $9 by 2016.