Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver accepted the findings of the chamber’s ethics commission on Friday that outgoing Assemblyman Micah Kellner created a “sexually hostile work environment” and upheld sanctions placed on his office.

“I accept the recommendation of the Committee in full,” Silver wrote in a letter of admonition and reprimand to Kellner. “Therefore, I hereby and again admonish and reprimand you for your conduct. You have been found to have engaged in sexual harassment in 2012 and 2013 in violation of the Assembly’s Harassment Policy, in addition to and distinct from the previous findings of the Committee, upheld on appeal by Judge Levine, that you engaged in sexual harassment in 2009 and 2011.”

In a letter sent by the ethics committee to Silver on Wednesday, the panel also concluded Kellner violated the Assembly’s sexual harassment policy and found that his “conduct is unbecoming of a member of the Assembly and reflects poorly on the entire body.”

Kellner, a Manhattan Democrat, has been appealing sanctions that he sexually harassed members of his staff.

Kellner received a second round of sanctions after it was found he was in violation of rules imposed on his office, including having an intern.

The second round of charges leveled against Kellner were dismissed by hearing officer in November, with Judge Howard Levine determining in a letter that Kellner was not given enough notice earlier this spring following the new charge.

The letter to Kellner released today by Silver’s office accepts the findings in full from the ethics committee’s investigation that Kellner engaged in sexual harassment in 2009 and 2011.

Kellner blasted the development in response:

“Speaker Silver’s and the Assembly Ethics Committe’s actions in this matter have zero credibility after the Speaker’s hand-picked appeals officer questioned the legitimacy of the Ethics Committee’s investigation and the authenticity of the evidence on which they based their decision– ultimately leading the appeals officer to take the unprecedented step of throwing out these exact same charges in November. Speaker Silver has been making up this Kabuki theatre as he goes along, solely to protect himself, while failing to honor or complete the appeals process he put in place.”

EC 12-17-14f.pdf by Nick Reisman