In a rare moment of public criticism, Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos on Wednesday blasted Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s move to ban hydrofracking in the state, saying the decision was based on politics, not science.

Meanwhile, the labor-backed Working Families Party, which has emerged as antagonists of the governor over his centrist positions on economic issues, praised the move.

Though Skelos’s statement eschews mentioning Cuomo directly, but is nevertheless critical of the ban, which will be formally in place next year.

“Today’s decision follows a years-long review conducted by the Department of Environmental Conservation and Department of Health and yet there was little additional information presented that we didn’t already
know,” Skelos said. “Despite protests to the contrary, it appears that politics, not science, shaped this decision.”

The statement reflects the GOP conference’s support — especially held by Sen. Tom Libous of Binghatmon — for the controversial natural gas extraction process. But the statement also comes after Cuomo was criticized by Skelos in a previous statement, suggesting the governor was not negotiating in good faith.

Meanwhile, the WFP, currently at odds with Cuomo over a variety off issues stemming from the elections as well as public financing, praised the decision.

“Kudos to Governor Cuomo for listening to his NYS Public Health Commissioner and putting reason, science, and public well-being before greed,” the WFP said in a statement