The next election is still two years away, but Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini says he will run again in New York’s 25th Congressional District in 2016.

“About six months into my race for Congress I decided if I do anything, if I spend any more time in government, my efforts would be best spent going to Congress and representing people in the 25th Congressional District, “ Assini said

The Republican fell to incumbent Democrat Louise Slaughter by a surprisingly “razor-thin” margin. With little financial support from the NRCC or the Monroe County Republican Party some are wondering if things could have been different.

“I heard from members of the National Republican Party and they were surprised by how close this race was.  And I think they were a little disappointed that they didn’t pay a little more attention to the race.  The way they worded it, they just never expected the race to be razor thin.  It’s just not something they expected even though I told them it was going to be a close race,” Assini recalled.

He is expecting a rematch against the 85-year-old Slaughter in 2016.  There are more registered Democrats than Republicans in Monroe County and Slaughter’s camp expects her, or any other Democrat, to get more votes in two years.

“Anybody that thinks the presidential race may be a disadvantage for a Republican in this coming presidential year, 2016 I really think they need to rethink the dynamics,” Assini said.

Assini’s focus on running for Congress means he will not be a candidate for Monroe County Executive, a position he’s previously expressed interest in.  With Maggie Brooks facing term limits, Assini sees Monroe County Clerk Cheryl DiNolfo as front-runner on the GOP side.

The list of Democratic candidates includes County Legislature Minority Leader Carrie Andrews, Irondequoit Town Supervisor Adam Bello, former county legislator Vincent Esposito, former Brighton Town Supervisor Sandra Frankel, and former Monroe County District Attorney Mike Green.