As Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver faces potential criminal charges, one of his top deputies in the chamber says the large Democratic majority will stick by the Manhattan Democrat.

Assemblyman Jeff Aubry told reporters this morning the conference — which accounts for 106 out of the 150 members in the Assembly — remained “supportive” of Silver.

“We are supportive of our speaker as always,” Aubry said. “We have a task to do in front of us — we have a budget to consider.”

Silver’s indictment has thrown a wrench into a regularly scheduled legislative session day in Albany.

Assembly Democrats plan to conference at 10:30 this morning, Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle said.

A press availability will be held after then. One source said that the session for the Assembly today would be cancelled.

Aubry, a Queens Democrat, noted that only a few weeks ago Democrats in the conference had re-elected Silver to another term as speaker, a post he’s held since 1994.

At the same time, Aubry pointed to Mel Miller, a predecessor of Silver’s in the speaker’s chair, who was indicted for corruption, but stay on as the top lawmaker in the Assembly despite the charges (he was later convicted and removed from office).

“They elected him as speaker a couple of weeks ago,” Aubry said. “I don’t see anything that changes that at the moment unless this goes in a negative way for him.”

Other top Assembly Democrats were less enthusiastic.

“I have no reaction,” said Assemblyman Keith Wright when reached by phone.