State lawmakers may study the potential merger of the state Thruway Authority into the Bridge Authority should a bill backed by Sen. David Carlucci be approved.

The legislation comes as the Thruway Authority faces a $36 million budget gap and as toll hikes may be possible system wide.

Capital first reported on the potential to merge the Thruway Authority, which oversees a network of more than 500 miles of roads, with the Bridge Authority, which manages five bridges in the Hudson Valley.

“Ninety-five percent of the Thruway Authority’s revenue comes from tolls,” Carlucci said in a statement. “The hard working people of Westchester and Rockland County deserve to know how their money is being spent, and what we can do to cut costs. This study will find the answers our community deserves, because it’s obvious we can’t keep bleeding them dry.”

Under the plan Carlucci’s proposing, the authorities would be required to explore ways of sharing and consolidating services in order to reduce costs with the main goal of eventually streamlining its functions.

After six months of the legislation taking effect, the authorities would be required to issue a joint report detailing how much money could saved and what services could be merged into a single entity.