Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed a package of infrastructure and transportation upgrade projects on Tuesday with the goal of modernizing New York City’s two airports as well as building new commuter rail stations and expanding bus service in the five boroughs.

In broad strokes, Cuomo promised to avoid a toll hike on the state Thruway system despite the authority’s troubled finances, while also pledging to “invest” in the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement project.

To pay for the upgrades, Cuomo says he will proposed a mix of using some of the state’s $5 billion surplus received through financial settlements with major banks as well as existing state capital along with investments from the private sector.

Cuomo made his proposals — some of which have been aired before — at a meeting Tuesday morning at the Associated for a Better New York, a consortium of wealthy business and real-estate interests.

The governor will outline his 2015 agenda and budget plan in an address on Wednesday in Albany.

Cuomo today proposed upgrades to LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy airports with an eye toward modernizing transportation as well as building improved amenities — such as hotels and restaurants — around the facilities.

To do so, Cuomo is turning to a seven-member panel led by real-estate mogul Daniel Tishman to help lead the airport improvements.

Cuomo backed a long-sought effort to improve access to LaGuardia through the construction of an air train, while also backing a plan to build a high-speed ferry system.

For the Bronx, new MetroNorth stations were supported. In New York City writ large, Cuomo is proposing an expansion of bus-rapid transit in boroughs that have seen a rapid build-up in recent years, especially Brooklyn.

Cuomo also pledged, without going into details, that tolls would be kept low on the replacement of the Tappan Zee Bridge, which is currently under construction, through a state investment in the $3.9 billion project.

“We’re going to invest in the Thruway to keep the tolls constant on the Thruway so there won’t be a toll increase because we want that traffic and we want that traffic to continue. And we’ll also be investing in the construction of the Tappan Zee Bridge to keep that toll down when the new bridge is constructed,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo added the state would also ensure tolls would invest in the Thruway system to “keep tolls constant.”

The state Thruway Authority last month approved a budget that includes a $26 million gap. At the same time, a financial plan outlining how the new bridge will be paid for is yet to be released.

Cuomo reiterated his support today for a plan that would create tax-free zones around upstate airports, which would be converted into facilities receiving cargo shipments, including Stewart Airport in Orange County.

The governor had previously outlined his support for that idea, a version of his START-UP NY program, in October.