More than 100 public authorities on the state and local level have failed to file legally required financial reports with the state’s authorities watchdog, according to a report released on Tuesday.

The report found a total of 136 public corporations, authorities and other quasi-public entities have missed deadlines to file annual reports and audit reports within 90 days of the fiscal year to the Authorities Budget Office.

State authorities must submit a budget within three months prior to the start of the fiscal year, April 1. Local authorities must do so within 60 days before April 1.

Several of the authorities listed in the report plan to resolve, but are yet to begin the formal dissolution process.

The state has sought in recent years to get a handle on the proliferation of authorities and industrial development agencies that have flourished in New York for decades with little oversight.

The authorities model was embraced by master builder Robert Moses, who was able to leverage the borrowing power of the entities in order to complete vast infrastructure projects.

January 2015 Delinquent List by Nick Reisman