Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on Monday shrugged off the vote in the state Senate on eight of the 10 measures in the women’s agenda, saying that without a vote on the abortion plank, the competing bills won’t match.

“Until the Senate, you know, decides a woman’s right to choose is part of the women’s agenda, I am not sure we are going to have matching bills,” Silver said. “Our conference will take up the issue as needed.”

The Senate this afternoon in quick succession approved a package of measures aimed at curtailing discrimination against women in the workplace and in housing as well as anti-domestic violence legislation.

But the Senate has declined to consider a bill that would codify the Roe v. Wade ruling in state law.

The Senate’s move this afternoon is designed to do several things, including removing the women’s agenda off the GOP conference’s plate early, as well as pressure the Assembly to take up the remaining legislation that has already been approved.

The bills are passing with votes from Senate Democrats, even as the minority conference’s condemns the lack of action on the abortion plank.

Silver has stated in the past the women’s agenda was negotiated as a single legislative package, and breaking them out into individual pieces of legislation was against those deliberations.

Assembly Republicans on Tuesday plan to pressure Silver on passing the women’s agenda bills approved today by the Senate.