Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted on Wednesday he wasn’t trying to upstage New York’s other prominent Democrat: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“Only a really twisted mind would come up with that one,” Cuomo said of the implication.

De Blasio traveled to Albany to testify before a joint Senate and Assembly legislative budget hearing.

In the middle of the testimony and while de Blasio was being grilled by state lawmakers, Cuomo across the street at the Capitol building held a cabinet meeting.

The meeting featured one of de Blasio’s main primary foes from 2013: Former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is now a special advisor to the governor on campus assault and rape policy.

The second announcement at the meeting was a signature issue for de Blasio in 2014: Universal pre-Kindergarten in New York City. Cuomo at the meeting today highlighted his own efforts to extend universal pre-K not just to 4-year-olds, but 3-year-olds as well.

During a question-and-answer session, Cuomo would not support de Blasio’s push for a permanent mayoral control of city schools.

De Blasio brushed off the talk of a rivalry.

“I applaud him for focusing on pre-K,” de Blasio told reporters at a news conference.

Later, after meeting privately with Cuomo, de Blasio was similarly unphased.

“Look, there’s a process that happens up here over – you know, in the case of the budgets, it’ll be over the next weeks – in the case of legislative session, it’ll be over months – and there’s always a lot of give and take. So I think it was an open and productive conversation, meaning I have phrased a series of concerns, he was receptive, nothing was concluded – it’s a beginning – but I think, at least, I can say safely he heard very clearly that the city has a number of concerns,” de Blasio said.

Cuomo has previously insisted that he has one of the tightest working relationships with de Blasio in recent history.

Given that governors and mayor frequently feud — Rockefeller versus Lindsay, Mario Cuomo versus Koch, Pataki versus Giuliani — the bar is set rather low.