As Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday called for a permanent extension of mayoral control of schools in New York City, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called it an “experiment” that should be renewed in 2018.

“Remember, mayoral control is basically an experiment that was started under Mayor Bloomberg,” Cuomo said. “The point was let’s try this — mayoral control — in New York City. It had been tried in other cities, but let’s try it to see if it’s better than the Board of Education system. That was the genesis and let’s review it to see how it’s doing.”

Asked how he felt mayoral control was working, Cuomo said: “I think it’s doing well enough to extend it for three years.”

De Blasio, before a panel of state lawmakers, called in his testimony for a permanent extension, saying it was the most efficient vehicle for education reform.

“Mayoral control gives the City the authority it needs to carry out a vision of improving and reforming education,” he said. “The speed and scale of our pre-K-for-all and expanded after school initiatives were only possible because of mayoral control.”