Republican Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb isn’t buying claims that Gov. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t control who attends legislative budget meetings in his office.

“I think that’s a lot of malarkey,” Kolb said on Thursday.

Cuomo’s first closed-door budget meeting of the season included Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein, who is no longer the co-president of the chamber after Republicans gained a full majority in the Senate last year.

“It’s up to the Legislature who they want to invite, how they want to conduct the process,” Cuomo said.

Klein’s inclusion in yesterday’s leaders’ meeting was the product of a conversation with Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Cuomo said.

But having Klein in the room is an opening for both minority leaders in the Assembly and Senate, they say, to have them included as well.

“Andrea Stewart-Cousins and myself should absolutely be in the room,” Kolb said.

He noted that the mainline Senate Democrats and Assembly Republicans have more votes — and actual constituents — than the IDC.

“All due respect to Jeff Klein, he’s got five members,” Kolb said. “I think we all have information to share, we have great ideas. Our conference is known for great ideas and solutions.”