From the Morning Memo:

Unlike his GOP colleague, IDC Leader Jeff Klein is all for a full ban on outside income – as he demonstrated by announcing this week he’ll divest entirely from his private practice law firm.

Klein said he’s trying to lead by example, and though the main focus of the outside income discussion has been on the lawyer-legislators in Albany, he believes anyone with any sort of real world job should consider following his lead.

“A conflict is a conflict,” Klein told me during a CapTon interview last night.

“I mean, if you’re a teacher at a college, you’re still voting on a budget that may impact that college. If you’re a pharmacist, you may be voting on legislation that might impact that industry.”

It just so happens that Klein’s fellow Bronx Democrat, newly-minted Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, is an adjunct math professor at Monroe College. And Assemblyman John McDonald, a Capital Region Democrat, owns a pharmacy that has been in his family for years.

Heastie reported earning between $5,000 and $20,000 for his teaching post, but has said he’ll be giving up all outside employment to focus on his new leadership position in the Assembly, while McDonald is among those who reported earning $100,000 or more.

Klein hastened to say he doesn’t believe everyone who derives an income from somewhere other than the Legislature is doing anything wrong.

But he also believes a full-time Legislature – with a commensurate pay raise – is the only way to truly ensure there are no conflicts of interest among lawmakers.

” I think it’s important now,” the senator explained. “I don’t want to come back on your show a year form now after we do some half-baked ethics reform proposal and it’s not enough, and we’re back to where we started from.”

“I think we all thought at the time when we developed JCOPE that this was going to be the means to clean up corruption in Albany. Well, we were wrong.”