Assembly Republicans will introduce 17 proposals that would change day-to-day functions of the State Assembly Monday.

The conference spoke about five of the most significant proposals included in the full list. If passed, term limits for legislative leaders, committee chairpersons and the Assembly Speaker would be limited to 8 years.

All committee meetings would be televised, recorded, and made public on the Assembly website. There’s also a bill included from Assemblyman Marc Johns that would allow members to choose one piece of legislation to bypass committee and come to the floor for a vote.

“What we’re trying to do is instead of having embedded power, power of the few is to empower the hands of many. Each and every one of the 150 members of this Assembly needs more say, more voices in how state government operates.”

The reform proposals also include more additions to LRS – the state’s legislative retrieval system – by making committee votes available as well as roll calls of floor amendments and motions to discharge a bill.

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb said earlier today that while he hasn’t received any notions of support directly by democrats in the chamber, he remains optimistic about their chances given the latest scandal involving former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

“When they had to change with the speakership, there were many members of the Assembly majority talking about change, opening up the process, obviously having more member participation … I don’t think there’s a legitimate reason not to support each and every one of these 17 reforms because it’s going to empower them as much as it’s going to empower us.”

The conference will introduce each of the 17 reforms separately instead of including them in an all-or-nothing package. The State Senate has actually already passed one of those – a bill limiting leadership positions to eight years in both chambers.