Democratic Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh has introduced a measure in his chamber that would block taxpayer reimbursements of legal fees for public officials who tapped their campaign accounts acquitted of criminal charges.

The measure was first introduced in January by Queens Democratic Sen. Mike Gianaris, and picked up Kavanagh as an Assembly sponsor this week.

The bill would address the practice of allowing state officials to seek reimbursement for their legal defense, pending approval from the state attorney general and comptroller’s offices.

The reimbursement option was highlighted after former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno successfully sought $2.4 million from the state following a not guilty verdict in his second corruption trial.

Bruno’s defense was largely paid for by $1.2 million out of his campaign account as well as a legal defense fund.

“This bill will protect taxpayers by preventing reimbursements to a campaign committee or legal defense fund,” the bill memo states. “Additionally, the bill provides that if a criminal defendant has a legal defense fund, he or she will be required to expend all money in the account before he or she would be entitled to any taxpayer reimbursement.”