The state Senate’s one-house budget resolution will likely support untying Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s education policy proposals from spending, Senate Education Committee Chairman John Flanagan said.

The Democratic-led Assembly’s one-house resolution, submitted today, calls for increasing education aid by $1.8 billion and does not couple Cuomo’s education reform measures with appropriations.

“I believe the Senate and Assembly will be in unison on that approach,” Flanagan said.

The Senate’s education proposal is expected to boost spending for education by $1.9 billion and completely end the Gap Elimination Adjustment.

Cuomo’s own education reform measures are tied to much of his $1.1 billion boost, including a new teacher evaluation law, a strengthening of charter schools and making it easier for schools to fire poor-performing teachers.

Cuomo’s charter school support has had a warmer welcome among Senate Republicans, but the GOP conference has insisted on curtailing the GEA — cuts in spending for education first enacted at the onset of the recession.

Cuomo’s budget would raise the statewide cap on charter schools by 100 and increase per pupil tuition aid.