The state Business Council on Wednesday urged the Board of Elections in a letter to not end what in effect has been a regulation allowing unlimited campaign contributions through LLCs.

In the letter, Business Council President Heather Briccetti writes any changes to LLC classifications should be taken up only by the state Legislature.

“The Board has acted within its administrative role and has refused outside calls for it to exceed its legislative mandate,” Briccetti wrote in the letter. “The Legislature was clear in its treatment of LLCs under the law. Any action taken by the Board to further limit LLC contributions, outside of an act of the Legislature, would be ultra vires and thus invalid.”

The letter comes as elections commissioners on Thursday are due to considering the so-called loophole in the campaign finance law that has allowed individual donors to contribute well above the legal maximum to candidates and political offices through a web of LLCs.

Advocates for ending that practice have said the Board of Elections can rewrite the regulation, given it was a board ruling in 1996 that created the loophole in the first place.

Briccetti Board of Elections Letter 4-15-15 by Nick Reisman