From the Morning Memo:

A paid family leave measure remains a top issue for Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein, he said in a Capital Tonight interview on Tuesday.

The Bronx Democrat, who was on to discuss his measure meant to crack down on banks that have so-called “zombie properties” said he hoped to convince his colleagues a compromise can be had on the measure.

“Paid family leave is still one of my number one priorities,” he said. “I’m hopeful we can still get paid family leave is something we can get done before the end of this legislative session.”

The Democratic-led Assembly in March approved a version of paid family leave which would expand the temporary disability insurance fund in order to pay for it.

Klein’s bill is an alternative approach that does not expand the TDI, but remains hopeful a deal can be made.

The Senate held a hearing earlier this year on the issue, which remains some business groups such as the National Federation of Independent Business remain staunchly opposed to.

A statement last month by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office suggested he wanted to go in much more comprehensive direction, but cited the unreconciled bills in the Senate and Assembly.

“Unfortunately, the Senate and Assembly have advanced differing versions of this policy that do not see eye-to-eye, and that fail to form the comprehensive solution that the issue requires,” Cuomo’s office said at the time. “We need a paid family leave policy that is sustainable, and would provide real protections to employees.”

Democratic lawmakers in the waning days of the session will likely continue to push for a version of a minimum wage hike (Klein reiterated his support for a local control component in the minimum wage) as well as changes to the state’s criminal justice system when it comes to police fatalities.

Cuomo earlier this week laid out his own post-session agenda, which included passing measures aimed at strengthening rape and sexual assault reporting on private college campuses.