Gov. Andrew Cuomo launched a public awareness campaign designed to crack down on abuse of workers in nail salons and called on customers to boycott businesses violating the state’s labor laws.

Cuomo, speaking in New York City earlier today, called on salon customers to bring in a card with a series of questions designed to determine whether the owner of the establishment is paying a fair wage and protecting workers from dangerous chemicals.

“Download the card, bring it with you. You don’t need to speak with the worker; you can speak to the owner of the business. If the answer isn’t yes, say, “Thank you very much,” walk out the door, go down the block, and patronize another business, and you will see how fast we change these industry practices,” Cuomo said.

The question include:

1. Are workers paid at least the minimum wage and overtime?
2. Is appropriate protective equipment (respirator mask, gloves, eye protection) provided to workers and used?
3. Is there adequate ventilation (no strong chemical odors)?
4. Is the salon business license posted in plain view?
5. Is the Nail Salon Workers’ Bill of Rights posted in plain view?

Cuomo previously introduced a bill earlier this month aimed at creating new regulations for nail salon workers and enacted emergency safety measures following a New York Times story on abuse within the industry.

Meanwhile, the administration is launching a new consumer website,, that includes the information card, plus directions on how customers can report problems or concerns at businesses.