In a Daily News op/ed published this morning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on state lawmakers to adopt a measure designed to raise the age of criminal responsibility — a push he has backed for more than a year.

Cuomo, in the piece, argues that the measure to make the reforms to the juvenile justice system has already been funded in the state budget agreement approved more than a month ago.

The governor late last year backed the changes first recommended by a panel he commissioned in 2014 to change the age of criminal responsibility for most crimes to 18.

The proposal would send 16- and 17-year-olds accused of a crime to family court while also separating them from the adult prison population.

“Based on the commission’s recommendations, we have proposed increasing the state’s age of criminal responsibility as an adult to 18 and providing more appropriate handling of young defendants’ criminal cases. A bill is now before the Legislature,” he wrote. “It is time to enact these reforms, which are already fully funded in the budget.”

Juvenile justice reform remains one of a handful of key priorities for Cuomo as Albany heads toward the final days of the 2015 legislative session, along with a push for curtailing rape and sexual assault on college campuses and the passage of the $150 million educatio investment tax credit.

It’s unclear whether the measure can be accomplished by June 17, the final scheduled day of the session as lawmakers seek to hash out expiring issues such as rent control and mayoral control for New York City schools.