Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos in a statement released on Monday said he was innocent of the corruption charges leveled against him.

“I am innocent of the charges leveled against me,” Skelos said. “I am not saying I am just not guilty, I am saying that I am innocent. I fully expect to be exonerated by a public jury trial.”

The Long Island Republican, along with adult son Adam, surrendered to federal authorities this morning and charged in six-count complaint that he sought to “monetize” his office through campaign donations and favorable actions for an Arizona-based firm and New York developer.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara laid out the charges against Skelos and his son at a news conference at midday, saying Skelos “unlawfully used his position and power to influence” official actions.

Once again, Bharara said public corruption remains a broad problem in Albany.

“It is a problem in both chambers, it is a problem on both sides of the aisle,” he said.

Bharara’s office in January arrested former Speaker Sheldon Silver on corruption charges — a development that ultimately led to his ouster from the top post in the chamber. At the time, Bharara indicated more arrests were on the way.

This afternoon, Bharara once again suggested more was to come down the corruption pipeline.

“Implicit to any comments I make from this podium is you should stay tuned,” he said.