Binghamton Sen. Tom Libous will remain the deputy majority leader of the chamber, despite the change in majority leader on Monday.

Newly elected Majority Leader John Flanagan said on Monday afternoon he would not ask Libous to step aside.

“Senator Libous has not stepped aside, Senator Libous has not been asked to step aside and I don’t plan on asking him to do that,” Flanagan said.

Speculation had focused on the potential for Olean Sen. Cathy Young to take on the spot, which includes managing the conference’s floor operations.

“Senator Libous is the deputy leader and I don’t envision that changing,” Flanagan said.

It preserves the upstate-downstate balance in the conference’s leadership.

But it also comes as Libous, who is sick with terminal cancer, faces a charge of lying to the FBI and is under indictment.

Still, Libous is said to be deeply involved in the conference as he recuperates from the latest round of surgeries in Florida. He participate in today’s leadership vote via conference phone.

“Tom Libous may be in Florida, but he’s no shrinking violet,” Flanagan said. “He’s on the phone all the time. Many of us have had conversations with him. I believe he is entitled to be the floor leader.”

He added: “I think he is in a spot where certain changes are going to occur one way or the other. My wish is, regardless of the other stuff, my wish is that he gets better.”

Meanwhile, it is unclear who will take the Senate’s Education Committee chairmanship now that Flanagan has moved into the majority leader post — a key panel that will consider mayoral control of New York City schools later this legislative session. Flanagan this afternoon said a selection would be forthcoming.