As the Democratic-led Assembly today prepares to vote for a three-year extension of mayoral control over city schools, former Gov. David Pateron is siding with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on making the power a permanent one.

“I think it should be permanent, to be honest with you,” Paterson said.

The stance puts the state Democratic Committee chairman at odds with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who backs a three-year extension of mayoral control.

Meanwhile, mayoral control faces an uncertain future in the Republican-led Senate, where GOP lawmakers have called for reforms. The Assembly bill being voted on today makes few alterations to how the mayor oversees public schools.

“I think that we cannot measure mayoral control by whoever is the current mayor,” Paterson said. “We decided some years ago that the mayor should take some measure control for the education of the city’s kids and I think it should stay that way.”