Good government groups and Democrats in the State Senate are making a last-ditch attempt to close the state’s controversial LLC loophole as the legislative session draws to a close.

In a letter sent to Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan Wednesday, Senator Daniel Squadron urged the majority leader to consider the issue.

Squadron has a bill that would close the loophole, which allows individuals to contribute virtually unlimited amounts of money to a campaign by funneling it through a limited liability company.

That bill was not brought up in committee, after the chair, Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer, said the proper paperwork had not been filed.

Squadron claims in the letter, however, that the paperwork was correct.

“Republican counsel apparently argued that S.60 had not been in a committee for 45 days,” Squadron says in the letter. “However, S.60 was referred to the Elections Committee on January 7, well over 45 days ago. Suggesting that the required 45 days must start again upon advancing to a secondary committee is an incorrect interpretation of [the Senate rules].”

Squadron was joined by good government groups Thursday to call for movement on the bill. He told reporters that, with a change in leadership, he’s hopeful the Senate will take action.

“There’s a new leader in the Republican conference and I have been hopeful that he would change course,” Squadron said. “Both by following the spirit and the letter of the Senate rules and by allowing a vote to close the LLC loophole.”

“At a time like this when New Yorkers have so much reason to doubt state government, closing the LLC loophole sends the message that it is no longer business as usual,” Squadron continued.

He said he hasn’t spoken to Flanagan directly about bringing the bill to the floor, but that if it were to come to the floor “this bill, once folks are forced to take a stand on it, is very hard to oppose.”

Should the bill fail, Squadron said it will at least force lawmakers to make their stance clear on the loophole through a vote.

Good government groups, including Common Cause, Citizen Action, and NYPIRG delivered a petition with signatures from more than 2,000 New Yorkers to Flanagan’s office shortly after the press conference.

A bill closing the LLC Loophole has already passed in the Assembly with overwhelming bipartisan support, 120-8.