A letter from members of the state’s Congressional delegation supporting stronger rent control protections garnered a sarcastic reply in response from an aide in the Cuomo administration’s Washington, D.C.-based office.

In the letter, House Democrats who represent New York City in Congress urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo to support strong rent control regulations, similar the measures adopted by the Assembly, which backed a package last month ending vacancy decontrol.

In response, Cuomo special counsel Alexander Cochran sent a sarcastic reply in an email address to staff as well as Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and Queens Rep. Grace Meng.

Cochran’s response, in full:

Chiefs and LDs
Great letter. Didn’t realize the federal delegation was supposed to be used as a state lobbying vehicle. Second time in two weeks. Looking forward to seeing letters to the Mayor on state and city issues. Happy to give you suggestions.

The email was sent this afternoon, a day after the letter was made public.

Cuomo himself has called for stronger rent control regulations and wants to at the very least modify vacancy decontrol. Cuomo has said he will keep the Legislature in Albany beyond the scheduled final day of session if an agreement isn’t reached on the rent issue.

Cuomo is trying to tie an extension of rent control to the passage of the education tax credit, a measure staunchly opposed by the state’s teachers unions and some Assembly Democrats.

Members of New York’s House delegation has been marshaled to support state issues before that Cuomo supports.

The governor’s office recently released a list of House members from across the state who backed his Enough Is Enough campaign, which is aimed at curtailing rape and sexual assault on college campuses as well as strengthening reporting.

In another instances, House members signed on to support Cuomo’s effort to reform the state’s juvenile justice system by raising the age of criminal responsibility.

Cuomo is said to have a cool relationship with the delegation.

Long Island Rep. Steve Israel, the former leader of the House Democrats’ fundraising effort, blamed Cuomo last year for not doing more to help down-ballot candidates.

Democrats in 2012 also felt slighted when Cuomo didn’t spend much time with the New York delegation during a rare trip to D.C. to lobby for aid related to Hurricane Sandy.

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