Sen. John Bonacic, an Orange County Republican, said on Thursday the “uncertainty” hanging over the legislative session continues to make deal-making difficult, saying lawmakers feel like “big brother” is watching every move.

“It’s like big brother is watching everything you do,” Bonacic said.

State lawmakers are leaving Albany today following a four-day legislative session schedule.

They are due to return to the Capitol on Monday, the same day rent control regulations for New York City are due to expire — a prospect that Cuomo has warned could create “chaos” should they be allowed to lapse.

“It’s always at the end of session we want to get out of here,” he said. “I think what’s been happening with the U.S. attorney, with the indictments of the two leaders of each house, I would say people are not as comfortable as they used to be.”

Bonacic is not the only Republican lawmaker to have shared this sentiment publicly.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman John DeFrancisco said earlier this week lawmakers were hesitant to cut the usual end-of-session agreements in part due to the ongoing corruption cases and investigations.

Legislative leaders, meanwhile, have been hesitant in speaking with reporters, even when it comes to providing routine updates on a variety of issues due to expire in the coming days, including rent control for New York City as well as the 421a tax abatement.

But Bonacic also insisted that lawmakers aren’t worried about being ensnared in a corruption scandal themselves, but more worried about where and when the next shoe drops.

“People are walking around on eggshells not because of the fear of corruption, but because of the uncertainty,” he said.