A coalition of business entities ranging from the Business Council to Unshackle Upstate are pushing back against an effort to include a prevailing wage component in the renewal of the 421a tax abatement.

In a letter being sent to state lawmakers this week, the groups write to specifically oppose the measures introduced by Republican Sen. Jack Martins and Assembly Housing Committee Chairman Keith Wright.

“Mandating prevailing wages on private housing projects that simply receive a tax abatement is a profoundly damaging precedent,” the groups write. “Prevailing wages are currently required only for public works projects such as those undertaken by the state or municipalities. If enacted, this bill would for the first time extend costly and administratively-complex wage mandates to privately-owned and developed projects.”

The letter is in many respects a follow up from a previous memo of opposition sent by many of the same pro-business organizations that opposed earlier prevailing wage components on the table.

The debate over the prevailing wage legislation, however, appeared to take a turn this week as Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday told reporters he is backing a straight extension of the abatement without any major changes.

On Thursday, Cuomo told reporters in New York City the extension of the abatement would likely be a short one.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has called for a plan that would extend the prevailing wage to service workers, not those in the construction industry — leading to an outcry from labor groups like the AFL-CIO.

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