As Senate Republicans move toward potentially backing a prevailing wage component in the broader 421a tax abatement renewal, the state Conservative Party is urging they reconsider.

In a statement, Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long said a prevailing wage provision would be a “death-knell” for affordable housing in the city.

“It is a known fact that prevailing wages on public projects significantly increase the cost of doing business,” Long said in the statement on Thursday. “To mandate prevailing wages on private construction that receives a public grant, loan, financing or tax benefit is a troubling precedent that tells private businesses that the State supports the increased cost of doing business in New York.”

Assembly Democrats, meanwhile, indicated they are also supportive of the prevailing wage measure in the 421a renewal.

Republican support for a version of the prevailing wage measure still needs to be sorted out, though it is being pushed in part as Mayor Bill de Blasio is at odds with Gov. Andrew Cuomo over the plan.

De Blasio is pushing a 421a plan that does not include the wage provision for construction workers — a move that has been blasted by organized labor, including the AFL-CIO. The mayor’s proposal would include an expansion of affordable housing as well as a prevailing wage provision for service workers.

The debate has also put de Blasio crosswise with Cuomo, who has not taken a formal position on how the abatement should be renewed, but has criticized de Blasio’s plan.

The Conservative Party may not hold enough clout with Senate Republican to sink a prevailing wage provision: GOP lawmakers may prefer embarrassing a mayor who has sought to oust them from power in Albany over keeping Long happy.