From the Morning Memo:

The education tax deduction introduced by Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan over the weekend caused a stir among education lobbyists on both sides of the tax credit issue as well as state lawmakers.

The bill is aimed at a deduction for those send their dependents to primary and secondary school and for those making $120,000 and less. The bill provides for a $3,000 deduction and is capped at $12,000.

For now, there’s no same-as in the Senate.

But what raised eyebrows for some was the bill’s sponsors: Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte and Assemblyman Sheldon Silver, the former speaker.

Silver remains a conduit for the Yeshivas, and his backing of the bill could be a tacit acknowledgement the Jewish parochial community may be on board with the bill.

At the same time, there’s Bichotte, a new lawmaker who the subject of an intense lobbying effort to support the tax credit legislation, backed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Republicans.

“This particular bill is open to all parents,” Bichotte said of the tax deduction bill during a break of the Assembly Democratic conference on Sunday night. “I would guess that it’s something that’s more amenable to the public school parents.”

Assembly Democrats still have questions about the deduction, especially on the constitutional level and whether it would be passed at the expense of public schools.

Still, the bill was seen by some lawmakers as being more aimed at the middle class than the tax credit legislation.

Proponents of the education tax credit swiftly blasted the deduction bill over the weekend, and said it was less generous given the state’s top tax rate is 6.85 percent, resulting in a benefit of $205.

But Assembly Democrats were showing little signs on Sunday night of budging on the tax credit after many lawmakers were bruised by an aggressive pro-tax credit campaign that included mailers and robocalls in their districts.

Bichotte said constituents, too, were tired of the campaign.

“They’re very annoyed with the propaganda,” she said. “They know it’s propaganda.”