Gov. Andrew Cuomo touted his economic record over the last four-plus years he has been in office and urged Albany to re-approved the state’s cap on local property tax levy increases.

In making his argument for the tax cap, Cuomo pointed to his efforts to control spending in the state budget in order to entice businesses to return to New York.

“There is no single fact that gives me more confidence in this state than the fact that we have our spending under control and we have our taxes under control,” Cuomo said. “Because once you have that, then this state had everything else already going for it: the best schools, the best geography, the best culture, the most beautiful state. We had everything.”

Cuomo, however, did not call for a permanent extension of the cap as he did earlier in and throughout the year, a move that is backed by business groups and Republican lawmakers.

The state Democratic Committee is expected to launch a digital campaign aimed at pushing for an extension of the cap, which was first approved in 2011.

The cap limits local government and school districts from increasing their levies more than 2 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is lower. Local officials can override the cap, but it requires a two-thirds majority to do so.

The cap does not expire until next year. However, its continuation is linked to the extension of rent control regulations, which are due to sunset later this month.

Assembly Democrats have been hesitant to embrace a permanent cap extension as they focus on strengthening rent control in New York City and the surrounding area.