From the Morning Memo:

Lawmakers were privately wondering on Wednesday what Gov. Andrew Cuomo really wants out of the final days of the legislative session.

Cuomo on Wednesday before heading to the North Country for an update on the ongoing search for two escaped convicts told reporters in Albany that he backed a straight extension of the 421a tax abatement.

The governor once again blamed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for submitting a plan to change the abatement in order to address affordable housing needs that he said came too late.

De Blasio disputed this in a press availability of his own, noting that Albany had plenty of time to digest and debate his agreement reached with developers on affordable housing expansion.

On other issues, Cuomo was back to use his favorite sports analogies when asked if there were any agreements (The ball is not in the end zone just yet, Cuomo said on issues ranging from the education tax credit to an extension of rent control).

Lawmakers continue to reject the notion of linking major issues together, such as an extension of rent control to the creation of a tax credit designed to encourage donations to public schools and private school scholarship programs.

Democrats in the Assembly, in particular, do not expect there to be a vote on the tax credit, and many privately say the aggressive campaign by supporters through mailers and robocalls has backfired.

Still, lawmakers and Cuomo are also nearing an agreement on the effort to crack down on campus rape and sexual assault, with Assembly Higher Education Committee Chair Deborah Glick expressing confidence that issue would be locked down soon.

In both chambers, there was a sense that Cuomo would still seek to strike some sort of mega deal or “big ugly” — potentially even by this weekend.