Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an interview on Time Warner Cable News insisted that while the legislative session this year was a “hectic” one it also had a number of highlights, ranging from a bill designed crack down on campus rape as well as a $3 billion property tax rebate package.

“We had a very hectic legislative session in Albany,” he said in an interview earlier on Monday with TWC News. “We have a Republican Senate and Democratic Assembly, so it’s never easy. I always have to reach compromise between those two bodies.”

State lawmakers did not put the finishing touches on the end of the session until late Thursday, when they signed off on a four-year extension of rent control for New York City as well as a four-year sunset for the state’s cap on property tax increases.

Lawmakers stayed in Albany more than a week longer than they were scheduled to as they negotiated extending and altering rent control as well as a real-estate tax abatement for New York City.

The session, Cuomo, acknowledged, was a turbulent one, considering both legislative leaders in the Assembly and the Senate at the start of the year resigned after their arrests in separate corruption scandals.

“Having said all that, we had a great legislative session,” Cuomo said. “We got a lot of things done and I’m all about getting things done for the state of New York.”

Cuomo touted the property tax rebate program as a major achievement and claimed he “can’t do anything” about property taxes (this is likely disputed by both local government advocates when it comes to their call to curtail mandated spending from Albany as well as fiscal hawks, who would like to see reforms to regulations as well as pension costs).

“I can’t do anything about it because it’s not a state tax, it’s a local tax — town, village, county,” Cuomo said. “But we can do rebates because I think the property tax is what’s killing upstate New York.”

Cuomo said he had a brief respite this weekend when he fished with his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who posted a photo of their catches on Instagram.

“I’m looking forward, frankly, to slowing down a little bit,” Cuomo said.

The fishing trip with Chris was interrupted by the call that escaped convict Richard Matt had been shot and killed.

“I’m spending the day with my brother, and what happens, bing — the phone rings: Richard Matt is down,” Cuomo said. “That was the extent of the vacation, it was about 77 minutes in all.”