As affordable housing protestors continue to demonstrate outside his Capitol office in Albany on Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Long Island reiterated his call for stronger rent control regulations in New York City.

“We’re losing too many affordable housing units by the current rent regulations,” Cuomo told reporters following an event pushing for an extension of the state’s property tax cap. “We lose about 10,000 units per year.”

The Wednesday demonstration at the Capitol has already resulted in several civil disobedience-related arrests of protestors, including several state lawmakers and city Council members.

The protestors at the rally on the second floor of the Capitol are knocking Cuomo for not pushing for strong rent measures, with the regulatory framework due to expire June 15.

Cuomo today insisted he wanted to strengthen housing protections and reiterated his push to modify vacancy dectontrol by extending the ceiling to $2,700.

“I believe we can make modifications that reduce the number of units that we lose from the system,” Cuomo said. “The most notable is the vacancy decontrol. We’re losing too many units, it’s that simple. I’m fighting not just to renew the rent laws, but to expand them.”

An extension of rent control is tied to the state’s cap on property taxes, which today Cuomo began a concerted push to have renewed.

The governor had for most of this year called for a permanent extension of the tax cap, as supported by businesses and Senate Republicans.

Cuomo today said he wanted the cap extended for “a significant period of time.”

“There are different variations, but from my point of view, as long as possible,” he said.