Two Democratic lawmakers in a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week said they were “disappointed” in his recent statement that it was unlikely changing how limited liability companies can donate money to candidates would be changed this year.

The letter from Sen. Daniel Squadron and Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh cites Cuomo’s recent statement in an interview on The Capitol Pressroom that blamed Republican lawmakers in the Senate for not supporting the legislation.

““Did I wish we could close the LLC loophole? Yes. But I couldn’t get it done because they don’t want to pass it,” Cuomo said.

Kavanagh and Squadron, the Democratic sponsors of the legislation that would end the practice of single donors giving unlimited funds through a network of LLCs, said the statement is a sign the governor is letting the issue drop in the final days of the session.

“We cannot allow Senate intransigence to be an excuse for inaction. As you are aware, scandal after scandal has shaken New Yorkers’ faith in state government,” they wrote. “For elected officials to regain the public’s trust, we must take meaningful steps to address the root causes of corruption in Albany. One of the clearest, most concrete steps is closing the LLC loophole.”

Squadron’s bill has been bottled up in legislative committee in the Senate for the last several weeks, a move that has essentially stifled the legislation in the chamber.

Updated: Cuomo’s office responded in a statement, urging the Senate to pass the bill.

“For years, the Governor has fought to close the LLC loophole and continues to do so,” said spokesman Rich Azzopardi. “It’s time for the Senate to act.”

Squadron Kavanagh Letter to Governor Cuomo by Nick Reisman