Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie on Wednesday disagreed with the assertion New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio did not score the necessary wins on a range of issues like mayoral control, an extension of rent control and the alterations of the 421a tax abatement.

“He’ll get mayoral control. There will be 421a,” Heastie said. “We tried to put together the best rent deal that we could. So I think the mayor comes out of this fine.”

De Blasio had pushed Albany to approved a permanent extension of mayoral control of New York City schools, only to have the Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo agree to a 12-month extension, meaning the mayor will be back at the Capitol once again to call for the program’s renewal.

At the same time, 421a, a tax abatement that de Blasio wanted to have expanded to include new affordable housing requirements, is due to expire in six months unless developers and labor unions can agree to a prevailing wage provision.

De Blasio has lobbied personally on his agenda, though Senate Republicans are especially hostile to the mayor given that he sought to flip the chamber last year to Democratic control.

“The mayor’s not a state legislator. He’s entitled to lay out his vision for the city and it’s up to the state Legislature to respond,” Heastie said. “To say that he has to live up here to get things done for the city  — I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Michael Bloomberg laid out a vision for the city and would come up here and let Albany want he needed. I think de Blasio should be given that same respect.”

The bigger question is the continued animosity between Cuomo and de Blasio, who have in recent weeks been at odds with each other on the 421a issue, among others.

“There’s always funniness about the relationship between a mayor and the governor,” Heastie said. “Government always has to have a way to figure things out. We have to have a way to accomplish that.”