The Senate Republican proposal for extending rent control with income and residency verification is “unacceptable” Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie told reporters on Sunday night.

At the same time, Heastie continued to reject the push by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to link a strengthening of rent control to the passage of an education tax credit.

“We believe that rent should be in the discussion with housing and not with other things,” Heastie said, adding, “Having this discussion on rent should be with other housing related issues.”

Rent control for New York City and the surrounding counties expires tonight at midnight.

Assembly Democrats today plan to approve a two-day stop gap bill to extend rent control through Wednesday. Even without Senate action on the legislation, a brief lapse in rent control is not expected to have a major impact and Cuomo has warned landlords to not take advantage of expired regulations.

Lawmakers are due to leave Albany for the remainder of the year on Wednesday, though more than a few expect to stay in town through the end of the week as a deal on rent control is still being sought.

There seemed to be little progress in the end-of-session talks over the weekend as posturing continues on key issues.

“I think when the governor and the Senate decide to start talking about things that really matter, we’ll start to move forward,” Heastie said.

As for the tax credit, a Democratic-backed bill in the Assembly would create an alternative for a deduction for families earning less than $120,000. The proposal is opposed by the coalition pushing the tax credit legislation.

Still, the bill could signal a potential compromise in the Legislature.

Heastie said the bill was aimed at offering “relief” to families with children in both public and private schools.