Cardinal Timothy Dolan in a video released on Friday makes a personal appeal for the education investment tax credit and urges supporters to email Assembly lawmakers to back the legislation.

The video comes after Dolan traveled this week to Albany to lobby legislators with Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the bill, which would provide tax credits for donations to public schools and scholarship programs that benefit private and parochial schools.

“Parents are sitting by the phone waiting for that call that they’re going to get a scholarship,” Dolan says in the video.

Dolan has long pushed for the measure as a way to help shore up the finances of struggling parochial schools.

Cuomo in May introduced his own version of the bill, the Parental Choice in Education Act.

The Republican-led Senate earlier this year approved a version of the tax credit legislation, but Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, a Democrat, said this week the measure remains a difficult lift for the chamber.