A trio of local government organizations have written to legislative leaders and Gov. Andrew Cuomo asking them to address what they consider to be shortcomings in the state’s cap on property tax increases.

The letter signed by executive directors at the state Association of Counties, the New York Conference of Mayors and the Association of Towns backs changes to the cap that Cuomo would be unlikely to embrace.

The groups want the cap to be renewed on a temporary basis and no longer tie the cap to the rate of inflation, but leave the ceiling at 2 percent.

The groups also back excluding cap growth from municipal expenditures such as public infrastructure. They groups also back including payment-in-lieu-of-taxes in the calucation of the cap’s tax base growth factor.

The changes are similar to ones recommending by a coalition of school groups earlier this month, who also want to end linking the cap to the rate of inflation.

Currently, local governments and school districts are prevented from raising the tax levy above the rate of inflation or 2 percent, whichever is lower.

“With the imposition of the tax cap, you have asked more of local officials, and municipal leaders have answered the call as best they can with the limited tools you have provided,” the letter states. “Yet the tax cap is reaching a point of diminishing returns and local decline will continue unless you provide increased municipal aid and meaningful mandate relief. Now is the time to help local governments help themselves.”

The cap itself doesn’t expire until next year, but its continuation is linked to the extension of rent control regulations, which are due to sunset on Monday.

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