Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle on Tuesday introduced an alternative version of a bill designed to legalize mixed-martial arts in New York in an effort to pass the measure in the final days of the legislative session.

Morelle’s new bill would create a $1 million accident insurance policy that’s meant to cover brain injury-related medical costs and empowers the state Athletic Commission to determine groups or organizations that oversee the currently unregulated amateur-level fights.

The bill also would increase the minimum amount needed for accident insurance in both boxing and mixed-martial arts fights to $50,000, up from the current $7,500 for boxing matches in New York.

The bill’s introduction was first reported by Gannett’s Albany bureau.

Morelle, the Assembly’s main booster of the MMA legalization bill, had been seeking compromises on the legislation pertaining to insurance and health protections for MMA participants, which he said could alleviate some concerns raised by Democratic lawmakers in the chamber.

Any changes would have to impact the combat-style sports the state already regulates, like boxing.

The bill’s legislative memorandum frames the bill as an effort to update existing boxing regulations.

“The existing boxing law was codified in 1920. It requires modernization,” the bill memo states. “This legislation recognizes the evolution in sports that has occurred since the Prohibition Era. It provides essential increases in the insurance limits and financial guarantees required to protect boxers and mixed martial artists.”

An initial version of the MMA legalization bill has already been approved by the Republican-led Senate.

An effort to block the legislation in New York has been pushed in part by the Las Vegas culinary union, which is in a protracted dispute with Ultimate Fighting Championship, the sport’s prominent MMA organizer and promoter.