From the Morning Memo:

As they departed Albany on Thursday, state lawmakers were characteristically tight-lipped about what was being discussed behind closed doors.

Despite the lack of details being made available or the seeming lack of progress on key issues facing Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature, lawmakers were confident they could wrap up work by Wednesday, the scheduled end date for the legislative session.

“At this point we’re looking to shut down June 17 and the get peoples’ business done at that time,” said Sen. Cathy Young, the Senate Housing Committee chairwoman.

Rent control expires Monday, but lawmakers in either chamber were unhurried about the looming deadline. Despite the governor’s warning of chaos should rent control be allowed to lapse for even a day, lawmakers could conceivably either pass short extender bills that keep the regulations in place before a broader deal is negotiated.

But Republican lawmakers, adverse to potentially enhancing the laws through a repeal or modification of vacancy decontrol, at the very least expect the system to continue.

“I’m confident that there’ll be at least an extender on that,” said Sen. John Bonacic, a Republican from Orange County. “They’re not going to let rent expire. It always goes down to the last minute. With this climate, it will probably be an extension.”

As for how long is anyone’s guess. Extending them just for a year would put the question back at lawmakers in a re-election year.

“Everyone has a different opinion,” Bonacic said. “For me to give mine, it’s not going to be worth much.”

Cuomo has threatened to keep the Legislature in Albany beyond June 17 should a broad agreement on extending rent control regulations not be reached.