The New York Public Interest Research Group in a letter to the state Board of Elections identifies three different ways companies seek to circumvent the state’s campaign limits through a network of limited liability companies.

In one example, cable and broadband provider Cablevision has used LLCs based in different parts of the country to make a bundle of donations worth more than $425,000.

In other, nine LLCs with different, albeit vague-sounding names, but with the same address, made $225,000 in donations.

And finally, there’s the LLCs with different and untraceable names that are linked to the same company.

NYPIRG was able to cull together the LLC donations through the website, which was developed to track political giving in state government.

“It is clear that the Board has opened a Pandora’s Box of problems and troubles through its LLC interpretation—as demonstrated in this letter,” NYPIRG’s Blair Horner and Russ Haven wrote. “Instead of trying to justify the ruling and ignore the fact it undermines the Election Law, it’s time to acknowledge its failures and follow the federal rule.”

An effort to curtail LLC political giving has been largely blocked by the state Legislature, while the Board of Elections was deadlocked earlier this year in a vote that would have reclassified LLCs under the campaign finance regulations.

Ssboe Letter Final by Nick Reisman