Assembly Democrats will convene on Sunday night in closed-door conference as rent control regulations and a controversial real-estate tax abatement is due to lapse the next day, multiple lawmakers confirmed on Friday.

“We were told to be expect to be here on Sunday for a conference,” said Assemblyman John McDonald, a Democrat from the Albany area. “No session.”

The weekend conference was first reported by Capital New York.

The topic of discussion has not been revealed, but it’s likely Democrats will talk housing issues with both rent control in the New York City area due to sunset as well as the 421a tax abatement.

“My guess would be housing,” McDonald said. “That’s the large priority for particularly the downstate members.”

State lawmakers left the Capitol on Thursday without securing broader agreements on rent control or the abatement, nor did state lawmakers agree to any short-term extenders as negotiations continue.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has threatened to keep lawmakers in Albany beyond the final day of the session, which is Wednesday, should rent control not be re-approved.

Cuomo himself has floated the possibility of a short-term extension of the 421a abatement, which Mayor Bill de Blasio is seeking to expand affordable housing opportunities in a renewal of the program.

As for rent control, Cuomo has called for a strengthening of the regulations either through the end or a modification of vacancy decontrol.