Assembly lawmakers in both parties on Friday released a letter calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to support an expansion of affordable housing by 35,000 units over the next 10 years.

The letter, released by Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi and signed by 133 members of the chamber, includes support for 23,350 units for adults and 10,150 slated for families as well as 1,500 for youth.

“Supportive housing has proved to be an effective solution to homelessness by providing the necessary services to keep people out of shelters and off the streets,” said Speaker Carl Heastie in a statement. “For the chronically homeless, supportive housing offers not only a stable, permanent home, but also a support system to put them on the path to a stable life.”

The goal would be to complete all the units by 2025.

Lawmakers estimated that there is a current need for at least 24,100 units

The legislative session included a six-month extension of the 421a tax abatement for real estate and required that all rental projects that are benefiting from the subsidy include affordable housing components in their projects.

If labor groups and developers can reach an agreement on a prevailing wage provision, the abatement is extended for an additional four years.