Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday said he would likely steer clear of the talks to finalize the 421a tax abatement, which without an agreement reached by labor and real-estate developers would expire.

“The point was the process set up in the legislation,” Cuomo said after speaking to a labor group at the Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing, just north of Lake George.

Cuomo spoke to two different labor unions on Tuesday meeting miles apart in the southern Adirondack resort communities.

In both speeches — virtually verbatim addresses to the private-sector trade union groups — Cuomo touted their political support he has enjoyed while also touting his own efforts on including a prevailing wage component in the 421a abatement renewal last month.

Only the abatement itself could go away entirely unless labor and the real-estate development community Cuomo has also drawn political support from over the years reach an agreement on the prevailing wage provision.

The abatement debate at the end of the legislative session centered around whether to expand affordable housing provisions under the abatement as well as include a prevailing wage component for trade groups (Mayor Bill de Blasio backed a prevailing wage, but for service industry workers, putting him crosswise with construction-oriented unions).

“Organized labor is part of the process and that’s what this legislation stipulated,” Cuomo said. “The legislation speaks for itself and it sets up the process and whatever the process yields, that’s what the process yields.”

The approved bill, in essence, puts a self-destruct component in the measure, Cuomo said.

“It’s basically saying come to an agreement or everybody loses and I’m sure they’ll come to an agreement,” he said.