Gov. Andrew Cuomo latest response to the criticism leveled last week by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio can essentially be boiled down to this: Life is unfair.

“We have a situation in Albany where you don’t always get everything you want,” Cuomo said. “That’s called life. He chose to publicly vent his frustration. We all have our own styles and our own comportment and we all see our roles in a different way.”

Cuomo on Tuesday in New York City told reporters that de Blasio was “frustrated” that things didn’t go his way on key issues such as permanent mayoral control for city schools, which was given a 12-month extension in June.

“The mayor was obviously frustrated he didn’t get anything he wanted from the legislative session,” Cuomo said. “Welcome to Albany. I didn’t get everything I wanted from the legislative session.”

De Blasio took the unusual step of publicly blasting the governor in an interview with NY1 and later with City Hall reporters over what he considers to be a transactional governor who has a revenge streak when it comes to his political enemies.

Cuomo today insisted he was taking the mayor’s comments in stride, even as he lectured de Blasio that the mayoral control issue is not a broad concern.

“I understand his frustration,” Cuomo said. “But next year we can come back, but if he does a good job, then we can say he should have more control. But it doesn’t change anything.”

Cuomo seemingly rejected a “pasta summit” proposed by Republican former Sen. Al D’Amato (“I don’t know how I feel about pasta summits,” Cuomo said. “I know how I feel about pasta.”) but also said he would continue to work with de Blasio despite the airing of grievances.

De Blasio, meanwhile, is on a family vacation after making the pointed criticism of Cuomo, and the governor said he likely needed it.

“It was clear he was frustrated,” Cuomo said. “His style is to air his public frustration. That’s not my style.”