cuomoboltonEnding the pedestrian plazas in Times Square would be a “problematic” way to deal with the ongoing concern of street performers, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in an exclusive Capital Tonight interview to air this evening.

At the same time, Cuomo did not immediately embrace the formation of a task force by Mayor Bill de Blasio to study ways of curtailing custom-clad entertainers in Times Square, which was created this week after a public outcry over topless women performers.

“It depends on what solution they come up with and then we’ll take a look at it at that time,” Cuomo said of the task force, which was formed Thursday. “If the solution is breaking up the plaza, obviously I think that would problematic for a lot of people, but let’s see what he’s proposing first.”

Still, the governor wouldn’t say whether he, personally, would oppose the pedestrian plazas going away. It is more likely to be an immediate concern for retailers and other businesses in Times Square.

“I think the plazas are working and they’re doing what they were intended to do, but I don’t even know if that’s a real suggestion,” Cuomo said. “I only know what I read, so let’s see what the mayor comes up with before we react.”

Cuomo earlier this week raised concerns with the performers in Times Square — including the topless women, who have dominated the headlines in the city’s tabloid newspapers.

The governor on Friday reiterated his concern the performers are hurting the efforts to clean up Times Square and turn the area into a more family friendly location that draws tourists.

“Taxpayers spent a fortune cleaning up 42nd Street,” Cuomo said. “So my point was, we’re not going back to the old days.”

But he dialed back his criticism of the performance itself, saying he was concerned about the quality-of-life issues that are being raised.

“The law is clear: People have First Amendment rights, but there are also laws against public nuisance, harassment, etc, aggressive panhandling,” Cuomo said. “I’m old enough to remember the old 42nd Street.”

The full interview airs this evening on Capital Tonight at 8 and 11:30 on Time Warner Cable News.

Cuomo will also discuss the political turf war over the photonics center in Rochester, the state of the upstate economy under his watch and the special prosecutor status for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to investigate cases in which police kill civilians.