gillibrandFrom the Morning Memo:

U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in an interview on NY1 Tuesday said she is sticking around in the Senate for now.

Gillibrand insisted in an interview on Inside City Hall her ambitious do not include running for president or governor here in New York.

“I don’t aspire to it,” she said of running for president. “I feel grateful I get to serve in the Senate.”

Still, Gillibrand has built a national profile in recent years, working on top-tier issues such as combating sexual assault in the military and allowing gay and lesbian soldiers to serve openly.

At the same time, Gillibrand said her ambitions do not include retiring to New York to serve as governor.

“I do not aspire to that, either,” she said. “I really feel lucky I’m in the U.S. Senate and I feel like it’s a place where I can work on these national issues that face New Yorkers.”

Gillibrand would be a formidable Democrat should she enter the race for governor which is open once again in 2018. A strong campaign fundraiser, she would likely face competition for the Democratic nomination from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman should Gov. Andrew Cuomo not run for a third term.

When it comes to Democratic primaries, Gillibrand had kind words for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose presidential campaign has challenged her predecessor in the Senate, Hillary Clinton, to focus on left-leaning economic issues.

Gillibrand, while noting that she is firmly in Clinton’s corner when it comes to the nomination, praised Sanders for raising issues like paid family leave and increasing the minimum wage.

“She is my candidate, she is the best candidate,” Gillibrand said. “But I think Bernie just adds more to the primary and I think people like primaries.”