HeastieschenectadyFrom the Morning Memo:

While Gov. Andrew Cuomo has supported closing the Indian Point nuclear power plant for years, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie on Wednesday said he had an opposite view.

“I’m never really been one to have issue with nuclear plants,” Heastie said during a visit to Schenectady. “But the discussion really is to make sure — particularly because Indian Point does supply a lot of energy to New York City — we have to make sure all the lights come on in the city.”

Cuomo’s criticism of the plant, which generates about 2,000 megawatts of power for the New York City area, intensified in May after a transformer caught fire at the facility.

While the fire itself was considered relatively minor, Cuomo at the time said he would review emergency response protocols at the plant.

He reiterated his desire to see the plant shuttered, even as no formal effort from his administration has been underway to see it closed.

“I have taken the prior position that Indian Point should be closed, that it’s not worth the risk,” Cuomo said. “I understand that we need the power. I believe we can find substitute power. I understand that there are jobs. I believe we could build other plants that could create the jobs. But that’s an issue, a discussion for another day.”

State energy officials have started a feasibility study to determine alternative power sources for the metropolitan region in the event Indian Point is closed.

Still, given the energy needs of the New York City area, replacing the plant could be years in the making.

Heastie would be a powerful voice in the room should a more formal push start to close the plan.

“I’ve always been OK with nuclear power,” he said. “I know the governor has a different view on that, but I’m sure that will be an open discussion in the future.”